This Is What Driving Will Look Like In The Future



This just may be the unit that stops people from taking their eyes off the road while texting. Woohoo!!!

Navdy, a hardware start up company from San Francisco, is introducing its aftermarket LCD on-the-dash display sometime this year. It displays driving directions, messaging, and audio, right in front of the driver. Hopefully no more looking down when you want to answer a call or receive a text. It also offers gesture controls. That means you can wave your hand and turn on/off the radio, phone, app, and other options. Gesture controls are getting much more sophisticated, so at some point, we will all be waving our hands in the air to do many functions.

Navdy’s communications app integrates with both iPhone or Android. It answers phone calls and shows contact information. Music selection will also be featured.

Navdy will retail at $499.

Here are some of the specs:

5.1″ wide transparent Head-Up Display (HUD)
High quality projector.

IR camera for touchless gesture control.

Accelerometer, e-compass, ambient light sensor.

WiFi (802.11 b/g/n), Bluetooth 4.0/LE.

Audio out via Bluetooth or 3.5mm minijack,
mini-USB port.

Internal speaker and microphone with
noise canceling DSP.

I will let you know when Navdy is available at retail.

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