Scenes From CES 2015, Las Vegas

Getting here was pure hell. I have never encountered such a mob scene at Miami International Airport. There were 75 people on the First Class line before us. After waiting an hour, my traveling companion, (Steve Greenberg) and I got a skycap to check us in. We ran to the gate but American Airlines closed the door to the airplane and wouldn’t let us on.

We were miserable. Our luggage was on the flight. We just stood there in shock. After a lot of whining, we were rebooked on another flight. We were squeezed in the back of the plane with a woman who coughed all over us for three hours. We had to fly to Dallas and then pick up a second flight to Vegas.

We finally made it. We rushed from the airport to an event called “Unveiled,” because that is where the press gets to preview some of the new products before CES opens. It was outstanding. Sponsored by CES, it featured some amazing new ideas. I will try to showcase a number of them in upcoming days. Everyone in the room felt the excitement. This week is going to be amazing.

Here are some photos from Unveiled.






Gary Shapiro, (left) CEO, CES, being interviewed at opening of show.

The most popular guys in the room. The lead team from USA Today.

5 thoughts on “Scenes From CES 2015, Las Vegas

      • Glad you like ” The Missing”. Don’t miss “Olive Kitteridge.” It’s only 4hours, and you never want it to end. So good! Looking forward to more photos from the show.

  1. All I can say is “OY” (the worst feeing in the world is standing at the gate when they have closed the door) Glad you made it to Unveiled. See you in MIA Marsha

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