Flying Machines


I taped this video at #CES 2015 Unveiled

I got so lucky at Unveiled #CES 2015, the press preview night. Hundreds of press people showed up to see many of the new products that were being presented for the first time. Somehow I got the front and center spot when officials at DJI gave their Inspire 1 camera drone a spin. I felt like I was receiving a private demo of DJI’s latest flying platform.

DJI describes themselves as a leader in easy-to-fly camera drones/quad copters for aerial views. Headquartered in Shenzhen, the area is known as China’s Silicon Valley. Offices can now be found in the United States, Germany, Japan, Beijing and Hong Kong.

The handheld camera mount is built to hold the DJI Inspire 1 camera and gimbal, allowing users to take their camera from the aerial platform and capture stabilized footage on the ground.

Trust me, this is going to be the next big trend in video photography. Prices have not been decided.



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