Beam Me Up

I may not attend CES next year. I can send a Beam (from Suitable Technologies) to the show for me. That’s exactly what Beam, the company, did this year. Their CES booth was filled with robots, no human beings. It was awesome.

Humans doing booth duty at a trade show is so passé. Ha,ha. Beam is a remote-operated robot that will allow anyone to virtually be present at meetings across the nation. Unlike FaceTime and Skype, you control where the camera is going. The videos will explain how it operates.

Grandmas and grandpas who live out-of-state can visit with their families. Yes, it is costly, but with the price of travel, you could amortize it over the years.

The Beam Remote is five feet tall, weighs 95 pounds, can roll along at walking speed (about 5 feet per second), and has a 17-inch screen. It’s got two HD cameras, six microphones, speakers, Wi-Fi, and LED lamps.

The Beam is selling the robot starting at $16,000, and its charging dock for $950.

Watch the videos to fully understand Beam’s potential and capabilities.

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