Keep Your Pantries Full

If you walk around CES enough, you will find innovative products that no one has ever seen or heard of before. This one is a gem.

The following product was created in Rome by Uriel Perugia. He is working two jobs to get this off the ground. He was at CES because he was looking for funding. I emailed him earlier today to see if he received any interest.

SmartQsine is a monitoring system that alerts you when your groceries need to be replaced. The patented system is a pad and a companion smartphone/tablet application. The first time you use the multiple pads, you need to place the items you want to monitored on them.

It then sets its current level. From that moment on, the pad is talking to your smartphone. It will exchange information about the quantity of product placed on it. The smartphone will give you alerts when it’s time to restock.

Watch the video above. Do you think this is s useful product?

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