Nicole Kidman, David Pogue, Disgraced

The banter between Nicole Kidman and Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show last week received over 22 million views on YouTube. I didn’t want you to miss out, so I posted it here. Kidman admitted that she was set up with Fallon many years ago, but he didn’t seem interested. We all experienced something like this, so enjoy.

Pogue’s Basics

Tech guru David Pogue reminds us in his book “Pogue Basics,” that we can complete each sentence on any smartphone by tapping the space key twice.

“This shortcut accomplishes three things: It creates a period, adds a space, and automatically capitalizes the next word you type. It saves you the trouble of finding the period.” The works on the iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone and on every BlackBerry ever made.



A bunch of us went to see the Broadway Show Disgraced tonight. It was profound. Go see it. After the play, we went for dessert directly across the street from the theater at Bond 45. When we exited the restaurant, the two leads of the play were standing outside. Here we are with Hari Dhillon and Gretchen Mol.

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