Introducing The Smart Bike

Another company that garnered a lot of interest at CES was FlyKly, manufacturers of the FlyKly Smart Wheel. The FlyKly smart wheel turns ordinary bikes into pedal-assisted electric bikes.

The company raised its initial money on Kickstarter in December, 2014, and is now ready to ship. The FlyKly smart wheel comes in 20″, 26″, or 28″ sizes at 1,099. You can buy the wheel on the company’s website,

A companion app is free. The app monitors speed, distance traveled, motion, torque, and heat. It can also share information with other cyclists.

Niko Klansek, CEO of FlyKly, is very excited about transforming urban transportation. He believes he has made a very attractive alternative to using a car. It’s going to be very interesting to see how many units he sells per month and where those sales are generated.

The videos are fun to view. Don’t miss this innovation.

4 thoughts on “Introducing The Smart Bike

  1. Klansek hasn’t encountered Miami drivers yet. Life expectancy would be greatly reduced if you replaced your car with a flyKy. 🙂 Steve

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