3D Breast Exams

2015/01/img_4024.gifImage: Methodisthealth.org

Dr. Miriam Levy

For over 30 years, I have going to the Medical Imaging of Manhattan for a mammography and a sonogram. Every six months I get a sonogram, and once a year, I get a mammography. I take these precautionary measures because my mother had breast cancer.

Today, the founding doctor, Dr. Miriam Levy, told me that by my next visit, I will be examined by the new, three-dimensional mammograms that are “better at picking up invasive tumors.” Instead of looking at the several sides of the breast, the 3D technology, will allow inside views by slicing the picture.

Another explanation is that it takes multiple images of the breast from different angles. These images can be viewed separately or put together as a 3D reconstruction of the breast tissue. Sources say the 3D machines have a 40 per cent improvement rate in breast cancer detection.

As most women will attest, getting a breast exam is totally unnerving. The examination room is filled with nervous nellies. We are all sitting in our little gowns waiting for the results. It will be so nice to know that we have a better machine to keep us safe.

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