YouTube Debuts “The Creator Show”

The genius of YouTube is so overwhelming. There are endless opportunities for all of us who want to be educated or entertained. I don’t think enough senior folks understand its true value.

There is a YouTube video for almost any topic you could ever want to know about. Just try typing in an esoteric topic in the YouTube search box and I guarantee there are several videos that will explain the subject or exact information to you in great detail.

Now YouTube is producing a show called, “The Creator Show” that will give new features and tips for anyone who wants to create a video. YouTube producer Rob Polonsky came up with the concept because he feels the video community is always interested in more creative ideas. He has cast prominent YouTubers who serve as educators. The twice-monthly series will feature such YouTube stars as Grace Helbig and PrankvsPrank who talk about their projects, creative process and experiences on (and off) the video platform

Digiday, a marketing newsletter, reported that “The YouTube Creators channel has around 97,000 subscribers. The first “Creator Show” episode, released last month, has roughly 13,000 views so far, while the second episode, released last week, has already racked up 18,000. Both were shot at the New York YouTube Space, but future episodes will venture to other YouTube Spaces and events around the world.”

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