Air Scares

There is a new trend on Twitter that I’m really unhappy about. Pranksters, pretending to be ISIS members, are tweeting that there are bombs aboard certain flights.

NBC Brian Williams reports in the video above that 20 flights since last Saturday were detained or detoured because of security concerns. Williams names the flights and the departure and arrival cities.

Everyone knows that I’m not the greatest flyer. I act like every flight is my maiden voyage. Even though it has been explained to me 20 times, I still do not understand how airplanes stay in the air. It just doesn’t make any sense to me.

Having said that, I’m flying at least once or twice a month. If I was on an airplane and I spotted a threatening tweet about my specific flight, I was collapse in hysterics. Nothing worse than waiting it out. Thirty minutes is like 30 hours.

I proud to report that Twitter is closing down every account that makes public threats. They are screening for any mischievous acts. Nothing will be tolerated. Arrests will be made.

Social media is getting a little too anti-social for me. Stop it.



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