PhoneSoap Charger

The PhoneSoap was one of my favorite products on Shark Tank. The inventors of PhoneSoap describe their product as a charger that “encases a phone and uses a UV light to kill any bacteria on the device.”

I am a clean freak, but to have to admit that my cell phone is probably just as dirty as the next guy, maybe more so because I use it so much. The inventors, two cousins, Wesley LaPorte and Daniel Barnes, told the Sharks that the average cellphone is 18 times dirtier than a public toilet.

They wanted a $300,000 investment in return for 7.5 percent of their company. Shark Lori Greiner gave them $300,000 in exchange for 10 percent of equity stake in the PhoneSoap company.

The PhoneSoap was created to focus on cell phones, but the inventors said anything you put inside will be safely sanitized. PhoneSoap only takes four minutes to sanitize a phone.

Amazon cells the Phonesoap for $69.00.


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