Anti-Aging Phototherapy Mask

My Dermatologist in Miami, Dr. Steve Mandy, knows that I love to hear about new technological breakthroughs so he told me about a phototherapy device that reportedly helps to achieve younger looking skin. Called the illuMask, it is a patented technology that delivers all of the benefits of phototherapy in a mask.

Each treatment is 15 minutes. It is priced at $30, for 30 treatments. That includes the cleansing and press powder. A press release for the mask explains that “the infrared light helps to stimulate skin cell turnover and regeneration while increasing the production of collagen and elasticity in your skin.”

If you check out the mask on Google, you will see that many beauty magazines gave it positive reviews. That’s always good news. It was also nominated for 2014 Marie Claire Best of Beauty Award.

Company literature reported that all patients in the clinical trials had “an improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, better quality and tone of the skin, more even coloring and brighter radiance, and an increase in skin elasticity and hydration.”

If you decide to try the mask, let me know if you see an improvement. Good luck.

One thought on “Anti-Aging Phototherapy Mask

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