Love It, Or List It

My friend, Dr. Williams Lucena, gave me a gift that I have been looking for over 20 years. I know that you don’t believe me, because what could I have been possibly looking for so long? It’s called a digital task manager. It’s actually a “things to do” list.

After carefully listening to my needs, Williams identified Wunderlist as the task manager that could present my lists in the ways I needed them to show up. Williams, a mental health counselor (he was a psychiatrist in his hometown of Caracas) and a sex therapist, also uses lists to help organize his practice. He was able to pinpoint the task manager I needed after looking at the ones he recently used. For some crazy reason, I didn’t know about Wunderlist.

There are many “things to do” lists available, but none of them offer a specific feature I needed. Most of the time, I was forced to use pen and paper because I could never find a task manger that allowed me to create one master list and then take each item and put them into separate client folders. The ability to have one master list, and then be able to categorize them into groups, is a type of organization tool I need to work on 15 to 20 projects at the same time. I know that this feature may seem pretty routine, but trust me, task managers don’t offer this kind of flexibility. Wunderlist allows me to be organized my way.

Thank you Williams. It’s comforting and wonderful to know that you were willing to take the time to find this golden treasure for me.

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