MouthWatch, An Oral Health Camera


Every time I'm about to go to the dentist, I truly wonder if I absolutely need to. Everything feels okay, so why go to the dentist to look for trouble.

I know that what I just said doesn’t make sense, but for some reason many folks feel the same way. Now there is a mouth camera that allows patients to actually see plague buildup plus other conditions that will force them to go the dentist on a more regular basis.

Brant Herman, chief executive of startup MouthWatch, said his company makes Intraoral, or mouth cameras, that are priced at $199 (the competition is priced at $2,000) so patients can buy them from their dentist. The whole purpose is to let patients see what dentists see. Yuck!!

I just found out that about 600 dental practices use the cameras. My dentist, Bruce Blau, reads DigiDame. I’m curious to find out what he thinks. I will let you know.

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