Shoes That Talk

I just had to tell you about a man and his company that just may change the entire footwear industry. You can meet Karim Oumnia in the above video. He is the founder of Glagla Shoes, based in Nancy, France,

Glagla is the first ventilated-connected shoe company by inventing Digitsole, a digital sole that fits inside any regular shoe size and also has Bluetooth capabilities so that it’s totally connected.

Glagla told Business Insider that a companion smartphone app communicates with new insole in order “to track your day, warm your feet to a desired temperature, track how many steps you’ve taken during the day, check the calories burned, the distance walked as well as your current altitude.”

I had the pleasure of talking to Karim on the phone this afternoon. He hopes to have full distribution late this year and promises that the Digitsole will be offering many new features every few months. He said, “Our feet will never be the same.”



Images from Business Insider

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