Don’t Miss This Kickstarter Campaign


A very talented waterscape photographer (a friend of mine, from Florida,) just launched a Kickstarter campaign with his collaborator, an Earthscape Artist. Entitled, “Between Worlds,” Jason Henthorne and Andres Amador, want to raise money so they can pay for their post production as well produce a book of the their work.

I promised Jason coverage in DigiDame.

“Between Worlds” is a documentary film that follows the four month long collaboration between international award-winning photographer Jason Henthorne, known for his black-and -white, long-exposure landscape photography and Andres Amador, self-proclaimed ‘Earthscape Artist,’ who creates works of art on beaches measuring up to 100,000 square feet large during low tides.

For the film, documentary film-maker, Brad Kremer of Cross Media International, went on location to capture the process of two creators of very different styles and personalities blending their art forms. The project took Henthorne and Amador to the rugged and scenic beaches of Northern California.

The film features the scouting sites, preparation, executing the artwork, and photographing the result within the landscape as well as revealing aspects of the lives of both creators, concluding with the final gallery unveiling of the artworks produced.

Check it out:

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