Meet Elise and Tim

I hope you noticed the new artwork I am using for DigiDame. I decided a few days ago to expand my scope to include travel and networking activities. Eliot has been bugging me for months to do so because there is a lot to share with all of you who are over 50. I also should be looking for a sponsor and turn this blog into some sort of enterprise. We’ll see what happens. 

Right now I’m in San Jose, Costa Rica. We just completed our six day cruise through the Panama Canal. There were only 66 guests and 66 crew so we all got to know each other pretty well. 

I wanted to focus on Elise and Tim, the Tauck Tours group leaders, who made a career decision seven years ago that many of us never would have had the guts to do when we were their age. They simply decided to give up their corporate jobs (she worked for Verizon, he for AT&T) and find work where they could spend more time together. Elise told me Tim was her best friend, and vice versa.

They didn’t like the fact that they only saw each other early mornings and again at night when they were both exhausted from their day jobs. So they both quit and decided to work as a team in whatever they do. They got lucky and now they travel the world together.

These two are to be admired. They are kind of like Steve and Eydie, Lucy and Desi, Burns and Allen. You can’t have one without the other. They did a marvelous job this week entertaining us, providing pertinent information, and being professional chaperones. They worked around the clock making us all happy. 

When I asked Elise what her parents said when she told them she was leaving their hometown to seek greener pastures, she said, “They thought we were nuts. Most of our families have traditional jobs, so they don’t quite understand what we do. They think we are on a permanent vacation. The truth is we work much longer hours then we did before, but we love what we do. We have never looked back with any regrets. We now have so many grand opportunities ahead of us.”

The reason I wrote about Elise and Tim is because so many of us get stuck in ruts and couldn’t break out. They did. Now we have to be sure we live the life we want to with our remaining years. 

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