The Future Of Emails 

Believe it or not, the use of email is dwindling. 

The younger generation sends an average of 181 texts a day, according to Mobile Marketer. They want instant gratification. Email takes too long. Texting is quicker.

Communication today comes in many different forms. We talk to each other on social channels, message apps, business software, and yes, email. 

No more three paragraph emails. Today everything has to be short and quick. I don’t know what people are so busy with but they sure don’t want to spend time writing out long compositions. 

That’s why people don’t leave voice mails anymore. Active folks said they don’t have the patience to listen to messages. They can see incoming calls on the “recent”‘ file on their cells. That’s good enough. They just don’t want to listen to the same content twice. 

Twitter started the 140-character tweet and everyone learned to communicate in small sound bites. We are definitely living in the world of “just the facts folks, just the facts.” 

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