13 things to know about the Apple Watch

The $10,000 Gold Apple Watch Edition. 

The headline I used for today’s post comes directly from CNN. I ripped it off because I really feel it will prompt you to read the story. It precisely lists all of the benefits that new Apple watch offers. 

My brother emailed the story to me. I’m grateful because, for some reason, I have not paid attention to all of the hoopla. Now that I have read all about it, I definitely want one. There is not a feature on the Apple watch that I need, but it will certainly be fun to have people gather around me to see first hand what the noise is all about, 

I did that to a friend’s friend who was one of first to own the Pebble watch. It was like watching Star Trek. The guy was so popular at the party, he never got to eat. Let’s face it, we are all fascinated by innovation. Most of the time we are disappointed by new introductions because they don’t really make our lives that much better.

In this case, I’m going to be thrilled that I am wearing a watch that is going to tell me my heart beats per minute and how many steps I made that day. I find it utterly fascinating that we live in a time when all this is possible.

One thought on “13 things to know about the Apple Watch

  1. if the watch has to be ‘connected’ to an iPhone, then don’t really see the need to have it…
    what are the negative effects on your body? but if you want to get me the gold one as a gift.

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