This One Is For The Ladies In The House

I’m trying to figure out a tech hook for this blog post but nothing is coming to mind. I wanted to share this story about designer bags vs fake ones because it’s always a topic of interest among my female audience.

I just read a piece in Racked,com that actually spells out how you can tell the difference. I don’t know if I believe everything outlined here. I wanted your opinion. is a fashion site.

I own 10 Louis Vuittons, two of them are fake. I bought my LV’s over the last 40 years. They used to sell the fake ones across the street from Bloomingdales in New York City. I had to buy two of same model for $20 each because they both had defects. Combining the strap from one, with the hardware and material from the other, made one perfect bag. 

I truly don’t think anyone can tell the difference between the phony and the non-phonies. Fashionistas used to tell me the so-called fakes were really real. There were many theories on how and why they were marketed as imitation.

In any case, my LV’s never go out of style and they last forever.  

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