Freezing Scalps During Chemo Preseves Hair

Images from Penguin Cold Caps. 

I have been writing about innovative products for 48 years, first as a trade journalist (11), and then as a PR person (37). Let’s not forget the three plus years I have been blogging about innovation while still running a PR agency.

I must say today is remarkable as I report that many breast cancer patients are wearing a specialized frozen cap during treatments and a few hours after as a way not to lose the hair on their heads.

Most of the major media, including the New York Times, have written stories about the Penguin Cold Cap and the DigniCap. Just google both these names to learn why women are tremendously relieved to learn about this hair-saving treatment.

     To quote the New York Times and a few  
     other media sources,”the cap slows down 
     the metabolic activity of the follicular cells 
     in the hair. That reduces the effects of 
     chemotherapy on the scalp hair.”

     Read more about where the treatments 
     are being given, the costs, the research, 
     and the entire process by clicking here.

One thought on “Freezing Scalps During Chemo Preseves Hair

  1. Lois, can’t believe that I have never heard of this until now and I was never offered to told about it last year when I was going through chemo. You are so good to be finding this info. Thank you!

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