Who Is On The Other Side Of Your Email


lA few of my Facebook friends were talking to each other online about an app called Sidekick. Did you ever hear of it? Did you ever use it? 

Apparently, all you do is download the Sidekick app and then you get super power email capabilities.

You will receive live notifications if and when  someone opens or clicks on one of your emails.  How wild is that? You can also know “when, how many times, where, and from what device they opened your email.”

The other convenience is that you can also schedule when you want your emails to be sent and delivered in the future. “You can also send reminders to yourself, or make sure that your recipient gets the email, when you want them to get it.”

The Sidekick feature is very important to those who need to know if their messages are being read. I always assumed so, but now I know. 

always assumed so but now I wonder. Sidekick here I come. 

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