Surprising Facts About Seniors

Here are the findings from the Merrill Lynch/Age Wave survey. It ran in Forbes Magazine.

1-Eighty-three percent of those 65 and older who moved last year chose to remain in the same state.  

2-Forty-eight of retirees said they would live in a place with good weather. 

3-About half of people surveyed didn’t downsize at all when they moved.

4-Thirty per cent of those who’ve moved since retiring, upsized their homes mostly to make room for family members to visit or to live with them.

5-Almost two-thirds (67%) of people 65+ said they prefer neighbors of diverse ages and generations. Turns out, only 7% of retirees today live in age-restricted communities.

6-Two thirds of retirees surveyed said they’re living in “the best homes of their lives.”

Times are definitely changing, 

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