Red Light Patrol

The expression, “There’s an app for that” certainly applies to a new mobile app that helps you locate the red-light cameras that are monitoring your driving habits in 130 cities around the county.  I’m not sure I like this app. 

I like the idea that if someone is running a red light, he or she gets caught. I am always concerned that aggressive drivers are going to jump the light when perpendicular to me. Now they are going to temporarily behave when they know the authorities are watching them.

RedflexLocator is free. Future versions will feature audio alerts and GPS capabilities. As strange as this may sound, Redflex Traffic Systems created the app as well as installed the cameras. The company feels the cameras are there to enforce safety and the app is to remind you to slow down.

Am I the only one who sees a conflict? Perhaps not,  if the cameras and app saves lives.

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