Photos From Maui

For the past week, I’ve been writing to you from Maui. I’m here with Eliot, daughter Whitney, her boyfriend, Fredrick, and cousins Darren, Larry, Beth, Jeff, and Hanna. We try to go away together at least once a year, plus see each other Thanksgiving time at the Jeff Young’s extravaganza feast. 

Other cousins are welcome to join in at any time. The charter group may come and go too depending on schedules but we try to pick a date far enough out that everyone can plan ahead.  

Everyone has heavy work schedules so we all are equipped with the devices that keep us connected. Whitney is the only one who is completely disconnected. She doesn’t believe in mixing Maui with work. Her outgoing email message is:

“Aloha! I am on a mindful vacation in Maui, without phone or computer, and won’t be checking email until I return on March 30. If this is an urgent matter, you may contact my assistant. He will be able to reach me.”

The rest of us don’t mind checking in with the office a few times a day. As far as I’m concerned, I prefer working from the road. Otherwise, I could never go away. I’m taking advantage of the Interent. I love my virtual office existence and feel blessed that I’m living in a time that this is possible. 

Twice this week,  I had to wake up at 4:30am and 5:30am for conference calls. I also answered emails and wrote several pitch letters. I scored a few major editorial hits and wrote new DigiDame everyday.

I didn’t miss a meal or an activity with the family. I slept six hours a night and read several newspapers a day. Somehow you learn to pace yourself. Yes, there are times when it’s stressful but many things on vacation can be challenging. Whitney, Fredrick, Larry and Darren went zip lining today. That would make my BP go haywire. 

Checking emails is a piece of cake. I’m on the ground, not suspended a thousand feet over a waterfall. I know what I can handle. Mixing work and pleasure is my honor in this day of digital conveniences.  












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