Am I The Last To Know?

Okay, it’s been a few years since I’ve had my period, but how is it possible that I didn’t hear about a new technological advancement in sustainable feminine hygiene products. 

Much to my surprise, more and more women are using menstrual cups. That’s right, menstrual cups that don’t have to be changed for 12 hours. They look like upside-down bell-shaped devices. It’s made of a nontoxic material (medical-grade silicone).

One of the reasons why the menstrual cups are so popular is because women want to  live in a world that is environmentally-friendly. Disposable tampons are no longer considered PC.  The menstrual cups are reusable and are priced from $20 to $40. Some of the prominent brands are Softcup, Intimina, and  Diva Cup. All the cups are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.  

There is so much more to this story., a shopping and fashion site, offers the complete  story. Click here. If you are going to tell your children and grandchildren about these cups, I recommend that they seek the advice of their doctors first. I’m just reporting the news. 

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