Retweets Have A Voice 


We can now make a comment on a retweet 

I know a lot of you are not on Twitter, but I’m going to tell you about an exciting new development that’s happening on that platform. Maybe this will encourage you to join in on the action. 

In the past, if you liked something that someone else tweeted, the only way you could express your approval was by retweeting it. 

Now Twitter has updated the retweet function so that you can comment on the original message. 

The new update retweet will include the original message along with your comment. You can add 116 characters in addition to the 140-character limit of the quoted tweet.

I hated the fact that I could never comment on someone else’s Tweet. I wasn’t alone. Twitter said the feature increases user engagement.  

I sure plan to comment whenever possible so I can engage with new and interesting people.

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