Fitting Rooms Become More Public 


I can remember the time when the fitting room in a clothing store used to be a sacred place. When you closed the door behind you, the rest of the world was shut out. You could try on new clothes and pretend to be anyone you wanted to be. It was a fantasyland.

All that came to a halt today when I entered the fitting room at the Express store on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach.  A sign on the mirror suggested that I take a selfie picture and then share it on the Express Facebook or Twitter page.

I’m no old fool. I realized that sign was not meant for me. No one wants to see me in my undies. It was for the true Express customer, the gal in her 20s or 30s. She was being encouraged to take a photo of herself with the outfit she was trying on. The whole point of a selfie is to share it with others. 

I would say that was an invasion of privacy except an Express saleswoman told me they were receiving much higher than expected  submissions, many of them racy, some with no clothes at all. I guess young women today love showing off. 

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the “selfie” one of all?” 


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