Should You Buy An Apple Watch?

If you have been thinking about whether you should buy an Apple watch, I have the answer. The majority of tech reviewers agree that it is a technological wonder and they would love to own one. However, they don’t feel it’s an absolute necessity. (By the way, tech reviewers don’t get to keep their Apple review samples. They may get a press discount, but it’s still pricey). 

Reviewes feel that it’s the most innovative smart watch ever, but there no remarkable features that you don’t have on your iPhone. 

Ed Baig, tech editor at USA Today, quickly points out that there’s something special about eyeballing emails, text messages, incoming phone calls, etc. on the wrist of your hand rather than pulling your iPhone out of your pocket or purse. 

Available on April 24th, you can preorder the Apple watch today. The online store actually opened 12:01am. Good luck trying to access the store. Millions are doing exactly the same thing. I’m going to wait a few weeks and read more about it before deciding which model I want. 

The Apple watch comes in all kinds of flavors. They start at $349 and jump up to $17,000 for a 38mm 18-karat yellow gold model with a bright red buckle. The good news is that all of the watches, no matter what the price, have the same functions.

For one of the best reviews and informative pieces on the Apple watch, please read Ed Baig’s USA Today story. Click here. Or watch his video above.

One thought on “Should You Buy An Apple Watch?

  1. it’s bad enough when people are constantly looking at their phones let alone now going to be looking at their wrists…. think it’s rude when with other people! (wonder how safe it is to one’s body)

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