A Shower That Recycles Water

I am probably one of the worst offenders for wasting water. I take very long showers. I find it very therapeutic. It’s my mediation and thinking time. I feel renewed when it’s time to get out. Frankly, I cherish this special time of the day.

I have to admit that I feel pretty guilty about wasting all that water lately, especially when I have been constantly reading about the drought in California  and other western States.

That’s why I took a keen interest in the OrbSys Shower that reportedly saves more than 90 per cent of the water and 80 per cent of the energy one normally uses while washing. It’s the same  principle as when the astronauts go into space for years without a fresh supply of water. They wash and drink from recycled water.

Swedish industrial designer Mehrdad Mahdjoubi developed a high-tech purification system that recycles water while you wash. It’s called a closed loop system.  He explains, “Hot water falls from the tap to the drain and is instantly purified to drinking water standard and then pumped back out of the showerhead. As the process is quick, the water remains hot and only needs to be reheated very slightly.”

The OrbSys shower is constantly recycling water. You use about five liters of water for a 10 minute shower  it is estimated that a regular shower uses 150 liters of water. 

The showers have to be professionally installed. It’s worth the savings. I call this a pretty nefty idea. Read more about the OrbSys in the Smithsonisn magazine.

OrbSys shower recycles water as you wash

No compromise on water pressure



Images: CNN

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