Oral Fixation 


Image: Getskinnybehappy.com

Do you live to eat, or do you eat to live? When I first heard that question decades ago, I constantly thought about it. Now that I just learned about a study completed by Brigham Young University about late night snacking, I can’t stop thinking about that question again. 

Maybe if we truly understand what propels us to constantly nosh, we can teach ourselves not to give in?  

Brigham Young University claims we crave food at midnight  because our brains are less stimulated by food and that means we are never satisfied. In other words, we compensate. 

Researchers at the University in Utah found that “brain activity is lower in response to images of food later in the day, and the drive we have to snack at night may be our attempt to increase those diminishing ‘food high’
brain spikes.” 

The results of the study were published in the medical journal Brain Imaging and Behavior in March, but the university officially released information on the research Tuesday.

To get more insight into the study, check out a story in CNET. Click here. It’s 12:48am. I’m
getting the urge to eat again. Steady Lois. Read the study again. 

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