Interesting Tweets 

I just wanted to remind everyone that Twitter is a news feed, a one-stop site to get all of your news and to express your opinions. No more fishing for news. It’s all there.

The best thing about Twitter is that much of the news is created by people like you and me. They see something, they post it. Twitter gets the news first. Every newspaper, magazine, radio and TV station all distribute their news on Twitter as well.

Don’t forget the search box. You use to zero in on any topic, person, or company. It’s really amazing. 

POLITICO (@politico)
Natalie Portman will play Ruth Bader Ginsburg in a forthcoming drama

New York Post (@nypost)
Egypt’s deposed leader Hosni Mubarak was sentenced to 3 years in prison for corruption charges
The New York Times (@nytimes)
While customers get pretty nails, manicurists suffer miscarriages and asthma
Fast Company (@FastCompany)
How computers can anticipate users’ needs (without driving them crazy) by @ptwils
Yahoo News (@YahooNews)
Castro’s daughter sponsors blessing of Cuban gay couples
The Associated Press (@AP)
Ozzy Osbourne donates $10,000 to children’s percussion group after watching video of students perform “Crazy Train”:
The chicken may not look ferocious, but it has a very tough cousin. #GlobalBigDay

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