Synthetic Cadavers

We are living in the world of wonderment. Let me introduce you to the first ever synthetic cadaver. It debuted on Shark Tank Friday night. It’s a surgical simulator that bleeds, breathes and even has pupils that dilate when they are exposed to light. It’s the closest thing to a human cadaver, which is always in limited supply. 

Shark Tank investor Robert Herjavec gave the inventor, Dr. Christopher Sakezles, $3 million to produce synthetic cadavers for the continuatuon of medical research. Dr. Sakezles’s company is SynDaver Labs in Tampa, FL. 

The SynDaver synthetic cadaver is made from a proprietary library of more than 100 synthetic human tissues. The other anatomical models on the market are made from plastic or rubber. 

A company press release said,”The model includes skin with fat and fascia planes, all bones, muscles, tendon and ligaments, fully articulating joints, a functioning respiratory system with trachea, lungs and diaphragm, complete digestive tract from esophagus to rectum, urinary tract with kidneys, gall bladder, pancreas, spleen and reproductive organs. A functioning circulatory system with heart, coronaries, aorta, vena cava and vasculature to the extremities is also included.”

Watch the video for some miraculous demonstations. 

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