My Father Lives

My father William Schneider died 36 years ago. My grandfather Max died many years before that. Grandpa Max lived with my parents, brother, and I for over 10 years. When my father died, I had a minor melt down. I couldn’t bare to lose him. 

He was the sweetest guy on earth. He was very quiet and totally understated. He never drew attention to himself. I wonder what he would have said if he knew he was a major star on Facebook today?  His namesake, and my nephew William, (named after my father), posted pictures on Facebook of my brother and his sons, and grandsons, that resemble the photo my brother took with our father and grandfather 70 years ago.  

How awesome is that? Apparently, quite awesome. The photo gallery that my nephew posted has received a whopping 212 likes and 44 comments. Those numbers are usually reserved for major celebrities. The numbers may even be higher now when you read this. They kept going up every few minutes yesterday.

My father and my grandfather, Facebook stars. Never in my wildest imagination, did I ever think this was a possibility. So happy. 

Seventy years ago, my grandfather Max, my father William, and my brother Steve, posed for a picture together in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Today, on that very spot, is Steve, William and Max.

 My brother with his sons and grandsons,

Steve, Sam, and Ari
Steve, Sam, and Ezra.




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