Public TV Gets A Sound



don’t know if what I am about to tell you will make any difference in your life, but I wanted you to know this anyway. A new app called Tunity is going to allow you to hear the audio in muted TVs in airports, nail salons and restaurants/sports bars.

Tunity gets its audio signals from the cloud and matches them to users who want to scan a nearby TV screen with a smartphone. The parent company is AudioStreamTV.
This is not only good news for the public, but for TV networks as well. They may now be able to count additional people outside the home as part of their overall viewership. 

A New York Moment   

We will never see each other again but for 10 minutes on Mother’s Day last Sunday the gentleman in the picture with me was my BFF.  Eliot and I were walking West on Central Park South when we passed a family (this guy, his wife and a teenage son and daughter) just hanging out. For some reason I locked eyeballs with the dad. He looked so familiar. 

He saw me staring at him and asked Eliot and I if we were lost. We explained that we lived in NYC all our lives and knew exactly where we were going. We then asked them who they were. It turned out that they were visiting NYC for the day from some town we never heard of between Boston and Cape Cod. 

I kept thinking I knew this man from somewhere but I just couldn’t remember. The next thing I know, he hugs me and his wife offers to take a picture of us. I asked Eliot to hold my purse to avoid a trick robbery. I may have been smitten for a second, but the New Yorker in me trusts no one. 

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