Text Invites Hit The Party Scene 

I love sending out invitations to a party. There is something therapeutic about creating an invitation, putting a list together, and then blasting it out over email. The days of paper invitations have been over for me for years.
I honestly do not feel that digital invites are any less significant than paper invitations  that look like you are being invited to dine with the Queen. In fact, some of the fancy paper invites that I have received over the years were nicer than the party itself.

In my opinion, many digital invites are more appropriate than the paper ones. They set the tone better for the party. No fancy frills create an element of mystery. No one knows what to expect. 

The big decision for most people is whether to send their digital invitations out over Facebook or email. Both are not ideal because those channels are overcrowded with lots of other messages.

Enter a new app called Hobnob. The app is capable of sending entire invites over text messaging. That means invitations are immediately received.  I can’t wait to try this.
The Hobnob app is very easy to use. All you have to do is enter the event name, location, start time and date. You then select one of several designs provided or you can upload your own design. Make sure you have the phone numbers of everyone you want to invite. 

Be among the first to send out a text invite. Your invitees will think you are totally cutting-edge. 

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