My Friend Bruce Thinks He’s A Typewriter 

The guy performing “A Singular Kinda Guy” by playwright David Ives, (who also wrote “Venus in Fur”) is an old friend of mine. His name is Bruce Apar and he has been a trade journalist most of his life. You can image how surprised I was to learn on Facebook that became a typewriter. You have to watch the video above to understand what I just said. 


I just found out that Woody Allen did a deal with Amazon to create a TV series for its streaming service. He hasn’t a clue what a streaming service is. When he found out that his movie will now appear on a tiny screen, he wanted out of the deal. He also doesn’t use a computer. He has never sent an email or gone online to view anything. 


Bonnie Richer, my best girl friend ever since we met in second grade, finally agreed to appear on Facebook with me. We received 60 plus likes. 


Only in New York City would a doorman get a tribute like this . Doormen are our family. We see them more than we see most other people that we know.
  Fond memories before our laptops.

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