So Nice To Be Young

This is wakeboarding.

I doubt I would have ever tried to wakeboard when I was young, but it does look like so much fun. Exhilarating is the word. We used to take a small flat board, or rubber tube, and surf at Rockaway Beach, Queens.

Today, the young and the adventurous, can go wakeboarding electronically if they love to surf. A Swedish company, Radinn, just developed the Wakejet Cruise, a self-propelled board that lets users surf anytime, anywhere they want. 

You have to watch the video to understand how you can now surf in the ocean, sea, or lake.  The Radinn Wakejet weighs around 64 pounds and can go 28mph. (The same speed as waterskiing). That’s fast. The battery, which only takes an hour to charge, will last up to 30 minutes, if you go full speed. The Wakejet comes with an on-board computer, a mobile-app system for iOS and Android, a GPS tracking system and magnetic safety switches. 

This could be yours for a mere $20,000. 


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