Far Away From The Internet 

    I have been searching for years to find a way to zone out and completely relax. It has to be a very compelling function so that I don’t get distracted by my emails. The closest I have ever gotten to accomplishing this was to take up knitting. I love the activity of knitting, but my mind is always racing in so many directions. I need something that forces me to focus and frees my mind of all of its clutter.   

I was so surprised to find out on Facebook, that my daughter, Whitney, was engaged in an activity that could be the nirvana I was looking for. I said nothing, but watched for weeks as she posted abstract art that was open to great interpretation. 

Then I found out that Whitney was using a mediation-type of art book method called Zentangle. Zentangle is a way of creating beautiful pieces of art while being mentally stimulated, inspired, and energized. There are other types of art disciplines like Zentangle as well. Zentangle requires no artistic ability but does bring out everyone’s individual artistic bent. I am starting to put pen to paper this week. 

Here are some of Whitney’s postings.




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