Senior Benefits

I have friends who are almost 70 years old and they refuse to ask for senior discounts when we all go out together. They do this because, a) they don’t want to admit their age and, b),they think the service will suffer. 

Eliot and I started to ask for senior discounts when we were 55. We never thought twice about it. Banana Republic and the Gap will gladly give you 10 per cent off for shopping at their stores. Yes that 10 per cent can be on top of all the other promotions they are touting. There are times when Eliot walks out of a store with a big bag of gorgeous new clothes for $18. 
It’s not like you are stealing. It’s your “right” of passage. Read this article in Market Watch  about senior discounts. Also make sure you get your discount on Amtrak, auto insurance, banks, hairdressers, car rental, cruise lines, movie theaters, museums,, national parks, and doctors. You have earned it.

By the way, there is no tech angle to this post. Thanks Ben La Marca for emailing the story to me. 

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