Google’s Calorie Counter 



Now I’m in trouble. I just found out that Google is working on an app that counts the calories in your Instagram photos. Every time I take a photo of myself, I’m usually sitting with a plate of food in front of me.

Instead of people admiring that I’m out for the night with friends, they will be staring at my meal that could have a flashing light on it that says, “this piggy had 2,000 calories in just one dish.”

Google’s artificial intelligence researchers are diligently working on the kind of algorithms that can detect your meal’s calorie information by analyzing a photo of the food. 

Called Im2Calories, the app determines the depth of each pixel. It’s still has to be perfected, but the technology is almost ready for prime time.

I’m not sure why Google is going in this direction, but this could help portion control.

Read more about Im2Calories on Mashable.

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