The Death of Voice Mail

   J.P. Morgan, Coca-Cola, and Bloomberg are just three of the growing number of big name companies that are cutting out voice mails for their employees. I couldn’t believe my ears when I first heard about this. It seems that the younger workforce has no use for voice mail and companies can save an average of $10 a month, per person, if it is cut.

I can remember when getting a bunch of voice mails at the office was a sign of being important. Today, the majority of people under 50 do not check their voice mail in the office, or on their cells. It’s just passé.
I tested the use of voice mail on several clients recently. No one listened to my message. Younger folks see your phone number on their incoming directories and either call back, or ignore altogether. It depends what mood they are in. 
The simple truth is that texting has replaced voice mail. Most people don’t want to waste time listening to long-winded voice mails. Text messages are to the point and are more focused on what needs to be discussed.
Read more about this topic in Forbes and the Wall Street Journal


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