The Future Keyboard 

I heard about a keyboard that will allow you to type and swipe. It would be totally awesome to do both on the same surface. 

It’s not totally developed yet, but a group of tech guys are trying to raise money on Indiegogo to get this product to market. They already raised their target money of $30,000. They are now up to $55,000 and still have more than a month to go.

Their product is Moky, a rechargeable Bluetooth keyboard with a built in gesture- touchpad that’s located right on top of the keys. The developing team says, “The design enables scrolling and pinch to zoom in the same place where you type. The keyboard has embedded Infrared laser sensors at the corners to create a virtual touchpad field which, once triggered, can tell where your fingers are moving, and translate those touchless swipes into navigation.”

I don’t think a retail price has been established yet, even though they plan to have the product ready by October. It’s going to be very interesting to see how many Americans make this a must-have product.

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