I Love Your Genes

When a young friend of mine told me she had to get ready for a date, I thought she meant get dressed, comb her hair, and apply makeup. Boy, was I wrong. Today, dating is much different from what I remember. My friend picked up something that looked like a Q-tip, scraped the inside of her mouth, and then placed the Q-tip inside a folder.

The folder was then mailed to SingldOut. That was the first time I heard of this online dating site that uses genetic testing to form social relationships. The service also uses LinkedIn as well as DNA testing company Instant Chemistry in order to match two people up.  Jana Bayad and Elle France launched the site in July of 2014.

I guess Digidame readers would be welcomed on SingldOut. The trouble is that it would be slim pickings. Not that many people our age are on sites like this. The company credits genetic testing with the ability to “identify up to 40 percent of the chemistry of attraction between two people.”

Gizmodo, the tech site, wrote a major feature on SingldOut. Click here

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