Scher Energy 

If you have anything you want to sell give me a call. My girl friend Marilyn Scher is an expert eBay buyer and seller. She has been doing it for a long time.

There are a lot of people who are eBay users but Marilyn spends hours researching the product category, the competition, comparable sales, timing, pricing, and shipping requirements. She has a head for sales. 

Marilyn recently sold some of my jewelry, stuff that has been stored in my closet for decades. I thought it was worthless, but Marilyn scored a few hundred dollars each. I couldn’t believe it when she handed me a wad of 20s. 

Marilyn sells all kind of items. She has been in sales most of her career. She even sells at various flea markets around the city. Interacting with international customers has been extremely rewarding. She knows what sells and when. 

If you want to sell some merchandise that you know you will never use again, give me a call. You can live anywhere in the United States because all that is needed are digital photos and descriptions. I will introduce you to Marilyn who will work directly with you so you are totally comfortable with the transaction. It’s really a very simple process.  Don’t wait too long to call. Scher Energy wants to do business with you.

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