Love Your Photo

It’s rare to find someone who loves the way they look in a photo. All I ever hear are complaints. “My nose is too big,” to “I look so old.”  When did everyone get so egotistic? 

The new thing now is “Facebook approval.” When I take a photo of someone, he or she will ask for approval before I post it. In the age of social media, eveyone is a critic. 

The good news is that something can be done with all those (ugly) photos. Facetune  is a photo editing app that is the next best thing to professional editing. Facetune edits,  enhances, and retouches  photos on a user’s iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone device.   Facetune users can whiten teeth, remove blemishes, smooth skin, reshape, defocus and blur. The app features a variety of filters, lighting, textures, contrast, and frame options.  

People who love to take selfies will adore this app. Watch the video. You can re-create yourself. 

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