Dead Or Lyve


I love looking at my digital photos. The trouble is I have them all over the place. They are stored on my laptop, iPhone and iPod. Specific photos are never on the right device when I need them. All I do is hunt, hunt and hunt. Sometimes I get so frustrated that I give up all together. I want all of my photos in one place for easy access. I usually don’t have enough time to continuously organize them.

Then I heard about Lyve Home, a storage system that wirelessly collects the photos and videos from all of your on-the-go devices.  Everytime you are in the vicinity of the unit, it wirelessly transfers all of your new content into one organized area. Miraculously, you can view them all in a companion app on any of your mobile products. 

You can now walk around with millions of your photos that are ready to be viewed. No more limitations. Lyve Home is a touch-screen device that has a capacity of storing up to 2TB of photos and videos. It retails at $299.99. Lyve Home is compatible with: iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows PCs, and Kindle Fire HDX.

Have fun! 

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