No More Email Regrets


By now, you probably have heard the news. It was all over the press last night. I didn’t want to take a chance that you might have missed it, so here we go again.

If you have an Gmail account, you can now undo “send” after you clicked the email option. The new Google feature gives you the five to 30 second delay option. This is great news for folks like me who like to use an email to vent and then delete. Every once in a while, I might actually send it and then have huge regrets. I need the few seconds to change my mind. Do you too? 

The undo feature is not yet available on mobile devices, so many of us are slightly disappointed. Most of my friends spend the majority of their time on their smartphones.
I am pretty sure Google will be forced to release this feature on mobile devices as soon as possible considering they have 900 million users worldwide, which I’d the largest email service available. 

I predict the other email services will be announcing a similar feature soon. 

One thought on “No More Email Regrets

  1. The “Undo” feature is not new and has been on Gmail for quite a while now. The only change is that Google is now allowing the user to set up to 30 seconds to make the “Undo” decision where prior to now, it was only available for up to 5 seconds.

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