Ford Leads The Way From @Four Wheels To Two”

Image: Media.Ford 

Looks like the car industry is going to enter the electronic bike business. I heard rumblings of this back in January at CES where auto manufacturers, who wanted to show off all their latest technology, said they wanted to get serious about electronic bicycles.

Ford told USA Today (thanks SZS for sending me the link) that their Hands on Mobility project is “experimenting with the production of electronic bicycles, studying how the products will interact with cars, buses and other forms of transportation.” 

Ford believes they have the wherewithal to introduce electronic bicycles that will “take innovation to the next level in connectivity, mobility, autonomous vehicles, the customer experience and big data.” 

In other words, adopt some of the technology used in cars and incorporate them into bicycles. Ford may be the first to use rear-facing ultrasonic sensors which will alert bikers when cars gets too close. Or, Ford bikes will feature its own GPS system for optional cycling routes.

My prediction? We will all be using e-bikes over the next 10 years for mass transpiration.


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