You Don’t Pick Your Teeth With These Toothpicks

This is truly amazing. An innovation doesn’t always have to be a digital invention. It can sometimes be toothpicks. Yes, toothpicks.

My friend Todd Smith told me about Stan Munro. He has been making things out of toothpicks since the 5th grade. Thirty years later he turned it into a big money-making  career. It was all happenstance. 

While Stan was a TV feature reporter 10 years ago, his wife Suzi found out that she had Polycystic Kidney-Liver Disease (PKLD). Watch the first video to hear Suzi’s explanation of what happened to her. Have a tissue ready to wipe away your tears. 

Stan had to stay home with his wife. She couldn’t be alone. During that time, he focused on his hobby of toothpicking. Strange as it may seem, he sold his first Toothpick City exhibit in 2006 to a museum in Spain. Then in 2011, his wife received a double-transplant at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida. 

Life really started turning around. There are still tough times, but they inspire each other. Stan and Suzi live in North Syracuse, NY. He has built some of the world’s most famous landmarks out of toothpicks. All of his models are built to 1:164 scale. They can take anywhere from a day to six months to create. 

Museums and galleries show his work all the time. The one closest to him is the Museum of Science and Technology in Syracuse. Name all of the structures, and you win a Waterpik Water Flosser. I even inserted clues, in or near, the photos. Good luck. 


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